our newest arrivals! cats and unicorns galore!

Our newest arrivals! Cats and Unicorns galore!

Our newest additions to our collection have arrived!

Up first is our Lucky Meow Cat Lamp. It has two modes, the first being the standard single color mode and the other which is a multi-color mode. The first mode is good for lighting up your room and any general lighting needs. The second mode, which gives off an ambient glow that changes colors every few seconds. Great for kids at night, sleepless nights, or to add that touch of awesomeness to that party.

Our next two can be confusing so pay attention! ;) 

This next one is the Unicorn USB Heated Slippers. These heat up when connected to a USB power source. The slippers heat up almost instantly and will continue to get comfortably warmer over time. We love using these while surfing the web, lounging on our couch and sneaking them in during the Winter at work!

Unicorn Heated Slippers

The other is the Unicorn LED Slippers

While these are plump and fluffy, their main draw are the light up cheeks! They light up and glow as you move about. These are wireless and use 4 CR2032 batteries. Can be used anywhere up to 6 months! Every step you take, the cheeks will light up in response. The cheeks also light in a multitude of colors that change as you walk. Really great for conventions, hotels, and dorm rooms.

Unicorn LED Slippers

Thanks for checking in, these are our newest additions from this line. We hope to see you soon!

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