super soft and cute animal plush have arrived!

Super Soft and Cute Animal Plush have arrived!

Who let the animals out?

Wingbot and Liv Heart are now offering you the world's softest and most adorable plushies ever! As our newest product, we wanted to showcase them to you. They are each $28 each and come in 5 different animals... 

Brown Bear
Polar Bear
These guys are extremely soft. We love them next to our desk for a quick nap as a pillow, on our bed for something to hug to sleep or even for our dog as a new best friend! Here is someone you might be familiar with who has something to say about this particular polar bear...
Well? What are you waiting for? These awesome companions to your companions are available now on Wingbot! Get an additional 10% off with "VDay" for celebration of Valentines Day!

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