By day, Mindy is a soda scientist who is passionate about baking, puzzle games, and coffee. Her nose is often in deep searching for which savory restaurant to try next. But by night, she is our dedicated backend and social media heroine. That, mixed with her love for Marvel movies, truly makes her our in-house superhero.
Edward is the founder and CEO of Wingbot Inc. He is an avid lover of video games and Japanese animation as well as various board games. When the team catches him for a chat, it’s always about the latest tech gadgets, tasty foods and recent movies. Although he isn’t a dad yet, he loves dishing out the occasional dad joke (groan).
Iris oversees scheduling and overseas communications. She also makes sure that our customers get the top-notch service that they deserve. As a lover of thought-provoking and romantic movies, her favorite is oddly enough, Pulp Fiction. She enjoys Japanese culture and occasionally indulges in Lolita fashion. When she has time off, she can be found sipping tea in chic cafes.