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Unicorn USB Heated Slippers

Unicorn USB Heated Slippers

$40.00 USD


Keep your footsies warm in the plush innards of a mystical unicorn! The beautiful rainbow mane and the glistening horn will make certain you're always the Belle of the ball, or at least of the slumber party. These Unicorn slippers are made of cozy cotton and polyester, they will keep your feet warm when you use the detachable USB cable to plug them into your Mac, PC, or other USB port. 

The Deets:

Non-slip soles aka tummy
Use as a foot-warmer when attached to USB.
Detach from USB to travel in cozy comfort.
Made from cozy cotton and polyester
One-size-fits-most (up to men's size 10, women size 12)4Dimensions: Each slipper measures 12x5", cord length 57"
Weight: Approx. 5 oz each
Material: Cozy Cotton and Polyester, imported
Cleaning: Spot Clean with warm cloth only.