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Brown Bear Ratchet Screwdriver

Brown Bear Ratchet Screwdriver

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Papa Bear here is a simple bear. Aside from honey and sleeping, he enjoys helping you fix up whatever you need. Just keep in mind his sleeping schedule.

The body of the bear can be split into three parts: head, torso, and feet. The ratchet screwdriver is settled with a magnetic bits holder of the head. Its torso can be removed from the feet which contain six different bits of most common sizes.

The Deets:

Operating Instruction

  1. Holding the torso, pull up the head of the bear to reveal ratchet screwdriver.
  2. Securely holding the feet, pull up the torso to get to the screwdriver bits.
  3. Attach the desired screwdriver bit to the ratchet screwdriver.
  4. Rotate the black O-ring to control the direction of the ratchet to tighten or loosen the screw.
  5. Hold the grip and flex your wrist to operate.


Size :  ø 57 x H125mm / Head bits 50mm length
Material : ABS ,PP, TPR, Cr-V, S2 (bits)
Info : 1 pcs magnetic ratcheting bits holder / 6 pcs ¼" phillips & slotted & hex (2 Phillips head bits : #1, #2 / 2 Slotted head bits : 4, 5 mm / 2 Hex head bits: 4, 5 mm)