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About Wingbot

In 2009, we built our first robot whose sole mission was to track down items of coolness.
Along the way, our little bot found its wings and Wingbot.com was born. Today, we continue our goal to bring a collection of the world’s hippest products to our favorite people—you! From plush to backpacks and desktop accessories to computer skins, there is something for everyone.

We truly appreciate every single visitor to our site. In addition to our regular customers, we will be offering volume ordering of our products for businesses of all sizes. Our main focus is to bring unique and quality items from locales such as Japan, China, and S. Korea to the United States. In addition, we strive to work with local artists to bring their products into market. We welcome any wholesale, resell, and corporate sale inquiries.

Not only do we strive to make Wingbot.com a fun place to shop but also as a cool hangout to unwind. So drop on by or drop us a line—we’d love to hear your thoughts or suggestions. In addition, we’ll share our views regularly through BotBlog and hope you’ll join in the discussion. And, if you think you saw something zipping by out of the corner of your eye, there’s a good chance it’s our buddy, Wingbot.

Edward Wang
Wingbot Inc.

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