brave pal champion - card/memo holder

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Sometimes life really beats you down. Like really beats you down. Like wow. Ouch.

Brave Pal was made to be on your desk to remind you that life sucks but you gotta just keep trucking on. I mean Brave Pal here has swords and arrows on him but look at him, still a champ. So keep it up brave warrior, and kick life back!

  • Look at Brave Pal on the desk while feeling down and depressed, which always reminds you to cheer up and make fun of yourself.
  • Size : 67 x H135 mm (2.6 x H5.3 Inch)
  • Material : ABS, Magnet
  • Info: 5 magnets (arrow x 2, knife x 2, plunger x 1)

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