Evangelion Two Way Refreshment Mist

evangelion two way refreshment mist

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Creer Beaute released a new line of three special scented sprays which are based on three main characters Ayanami Rei, Ikari Shinji and Asuka Langley from hit series, Evangelion. Each aroma consists of 3 different elements (Top, middle, last) that make up the scent. The Evangelion Two Way Refreshment Mist is said to make the wearer irresistible. 

TYPE-01 (fragrance of the fresh musk) is a spicy fragrance inspired by Ikari Shinji.
The top: bergamot, lemon, green
A middle: nutmeg, the spice of the paper, lilac
The last: woody, amber, musk

TYPE-R (fragrance of the aqua citrus) is the fragrance reflecting the image of Ayanami Rei, erasing her sadness and painfulness by this refreshing perfume.
The top: grapefruit, raspberry, coconut
A middle: jasmine, a ylang-ylang, rose and oceanaut
The last: musk, vanilla

TYPE-A (fragrance of the red citrus) is the fragrance of Asuka Langley. Just like her character the perfume fuses passion and sweetness.
The top: orange, lychee, apple
A middle: rose, jasmine, cyclamen
The last: musk, umber


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