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Zodiac Bomber Jacket (Wolf)

Zodiac Bomber Jacket (Wolf)

$120.00 USD


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ZODIAC 十二支 BOMBER - Made from 100% high-quality cotton, this bomber jacket showcases the dog year. It shows the ferocity of the dog in wolf form. Durable and warm while fitted to the body. 

The Deets:
Available in Black Cotton
Unique 12 Color Embroidery
Custom Lining
Unisex Sizes. (XS-S are generally for women and smaller frame guys), M-L is good for most guys and XL-XXL are for the bigger guys. 

    Please consult our sizing chart to get an accurate bomber size.

    Produced by Bibisama.
    Design by Gomogear.
    Detailing by Zzyzzyy and RTrigger.